Summer Season Pass FAQs

Summer Season Pass FAQs

A Summer Season allows you to enjoy two games of bowling daily along with free shoe rental, valid between May 24th and September 2nd.

You can easily upgrade from a Basic Pass to a Premium Summer Season Pass for only $14.99 by visiting the bowling home center you selected at the time of purchase!

This year, we are offering two types of passes: the Basic Summer Season Pass and the Premium Summer Season Pass.

Basic Summer Season Pass Offers

  • Pass valid for 2 games of bowling, plus shoe rental

Premium Summer Season Offers

  • Pass valid for 2 games of bowling, plus shoe rental 
  • $5 Arcade Card Reload/Per Day 
  • 15% Off Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Per Transaction 
  • Can be used at any center  

With the Premium Summer Season Pass, you unlock extra perks such as a $5 Arcade Reload, a 15% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages, and the flexibility to use your pass at any participating location. The best part is, it's only a $14.99 more! 

When you buy a Premium Summer Season Pass, you'll receive a free $5 Arcade Card Reload. Every day that you use your Premium Summer Season Pass, $5 will be added to your Arcade Card. If you happen to lose your Arcade Card and it has unused credits, unfortunately, those credits are lost. However, you can purchase a replacement card for $1 to regain access to the additional $5 in credits per day. 

The usage times for the pass may vary by center. Please visit our website at to discover the valid times of your preferred participating location.

A Basic Summer Season Pass is only valid for the location selected at purchase. You must purchase a Premium Summer Season Pass to use your pass at all participating locations. 

Summer Games Passes are valid from May 24, 2024, through September 2, 2024. September 2, 2024, is the LAST day that the pass can be used.

You can purchase your Summer Season Pass online or in-person at any participating location. To purchase your Pass online, visit If you purchase a Pass online, you must pick it up at the location you selected at the time of purchase.

Your Summer Season Pass can only used once per day, per pass holder. 

Yes. Summer Season Passes will be available for purchase starting on April 15th, and at any time throughout the program. The last day of pass sales is September 2, 2024.

When purchasing your Summer Season Pass online, simply print your order confirmation and bring it with you to the home location selected at time of purchase. Present your order confirmation at the front desk and you will be issued your Pass(es). Summer Season Passes can be picked up starting May 24th. 

As a Summer Season Pass holder, you’re entitled to an exclusive arcade bonus offer, which is 80 arcade credits for only $19.95 (a $40 value). Guests may purchase ONE (1) Arcade Add-on per Summer Season Pass, per day. You can purchase an Arcade Add-on online or in-center with your Summer Season Pas purchase. Your Arcade Add-on can be purchased at any time IN CENTER throughout the Summer Season Pass Program. 

The Arcade Add-on can be purchased in center at any time throughout the Summer Season Pass program. This bonus offer cannot be purchased as a standalone item online, you must visit your home center to add it on during your visit. Arcade Add-on cards are only valid at participating locations. Please visit for more information.


Passholders can purchase one Arcade Add-on per day.

No! There is no expiration date for arcade cards or credits.

Unfortunately, we are not able to replace lost, stolen, or damaged arcade cards.

No full or pro-rated refunds will be issued after May 24, 2024. If you have any additional questions, please contact Guest Services at 1-800-342-5263 or email [email protected]


Please visit the home location where you initially picked up your Summer Season Pass so one of our associates can assist you.

If necessary, we are able to identify members by verifying their email addresses and/or phone numbers, but to get on the lanes in the quickest, easiest way possible, it's best to always bring the member’s pass.

No. The Summer Season Pass program is based on lane availability and no lanes can be reserved in advance. The program is not intended for larger parties. If you need to reserve lanes for large groups of children or adults, please contact our Event Planners at [email protected]. They will be able to provide you with more detailed information about our popular camp, kids, and daycare packages and our discounted rates for large group events.

If you have any additional questions about Summer Season Passes, please contact us at 1-800-342-5263 or email [email protected].