Holiday Party Etiquette



If you want to hold the attention of a bunch of kids during a birthday party, hold it at Bowlero. It's a great way to keep everyone active and entertained. Plus, it's something different than the average children's party. Not only can we help you with the food and drinks, we've got great ideas for birthday cakes and decorations.

XTreme® bowling.

  • Enjoy glow-in-the-dark bowling at select AMF locations to turn any party into an EXTREMEly awesome time!

Wacky bowling.

  • Make a simple list of rules depending on the type of bowling game you want to play. For example, bowl backwards. Or try blindfolded bowling. Bowl between the birthday child’s legs. The wackier the better, and kids will wish it won’t end.

Dress the part.

  • Ask each child to dress as his or her favorite character. Make sure the kids stay in character as they bowl. The kid who stays in character the best – as they bowl – takes the cake!

Guess the pins.

  • As the kids get ready to bowl, ask them to predict the number of pins they will knock down. At the end of the game, the child who got the closest each time wins.

Our venues are perfect for small groups or a big bunch of happy kids. You can plan a party on your own or ask us for help when you book online. Ready to host a birthday your child wishes would never end? Bring that party to the lanes!


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